Trampoline is one of the most helpful training devices for co-ordination and muscle control.

Recreation classes

FLiP's recreational Circus classes are for one hour, once a week. Check our schedule here. It includes all circus disciplines and trampoline plays a large part. Its taught in a safe and encouraging environment with top coaches a maximum of 8 students per coach. We build solid foundations so that our students learn to go forward with confidence and more difficult tricks become easier to learn.

    The Health benefits

    ~ An increase in muscular strength.
    ~ Improved posture, balance and coordination.
    ~ Revitalized vision and better mental functioning.
    ~ Reduction in stress level and control over addictions.
    ~ Improvement in the blood, lungs and all the internal organs.
    ~ Slowing down the aging process and relief of pain.
    ~ Elimination of toxins from the body, weight loss and an overall sense of well-being.
    ~ Its really good FUN!

Competitive squad

The competitive squad trains at least 9 hours per week and focuses 90% on trampoline. We use other circus disciplines to aid the progression of an all round athlete. Invitation only.

Types of Trampoline

At FLiP we explore and train on competition level and Olympic size trampolines, Mini-Trampoline and Double Mini Trampoline. We also include classes in Trampo-wall.