We try to answer the most common questions asked, if you have any others please do not hesititate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my child wear?

All students should wear appropriate clothes easy to move in without zippers and buttons. Leotard and leggings or shorts. Bring a pair of socks for trampoline. No Jeans and no jewelery. Hair should be tied back. Outfits are available from FLiP, you can take a look here or order at the school ~ http://flipstitch.bigcartel.com

What can expect from the class?

We start with an energetic warm up and then touch each section of the Circus Arts. Trampoline is a big part of our teaching. The recreational courses are fun and allow the students to explore and to try everything.

Why dont you let parents watch the course?

We understand you want nothing more than to watch your child learn and train but we ask parents not to stay for several reasons.

1. Its a real distraction for your kids and our coaches.

2. Many of the students will be attenpting physical things they have never done before, learning and trying to understand how there body works in new ways, having an audience for this can feel very intimidating and often leads the student to shrink and feel judged.

3. We physically dont have enough space for everyone to stay and watch.

4. The students and coahces are fully insured the parents are not.

What are the costs?

The cost of a session depends on how many weeks there are in total, this is why it cost different depending on the time of year. New members will be asked to pay a small fee for insurance and administraion. Click here for full details or drop us a line.

Can I have my childs birthday party at FLiP?

YES, YES and YES. We offer bithday parties on Saturdays. We have a special format that really makes that birthday a memorable event. Chaek our party page. Birthdays only happen once a year so book early not to miss your chance.

I'm worried about safety.

The School and coaches are certified and provide a safety-conscious learning environment that is unique in the Laurentians.

What kind of trampolines do you use?

FLiP uses competitive and Olympic standardtrampolines, double-mini and mini trampoline of exceptional quality. These are NOT black backyard tramps.

Where can I purchase a leotard?

FLiP sells a wide selection of leotard, leggings, shorts, fun t-shirts and hoodies with the schools colours and logos. Just ask at the front desk.

Can anyone join the competitif team?

We have three groups that are invitation only, Elite, Pre-Competitive and Advance Circus. If you have a desire to join ask us, its not just ability, its desire.

Can we join a session at anytime?

Yes, inscription is on going. In fact we even take some of the cost of the classes you have missed off the total price!

Link to "Flip Stitch" shop